Hard Work & High Level of Customer Service

Dear Raymond N.

Too often enough people tend to focus mainly on their negative experiences. This letter to you is quite the opposite. lwanted to bring to your attention the quality and level of customer service experience I’ve recently received from your crew at Express Plumbing & Rooter.

On Easter Sunday we had an event at my employer’s home. That morning we had a major floor drain back up on us allowing sewage to come through the drain. We’ve had this ongoing issue for quite sometime. Our attempts at hiring several other plumbing companies to address the issue were futile. These other companies would try to diagnose the problem to give us minor temporary fixes.

I called Express Plumbing & Rooter’s dispatcher on Easter Sunday around 11:30am. We needed someone to come out immediately because we were having guest arriving at the house for an event later in the afternoon. The dispatcher gave us a time frame as to when someone would be out to assist us with our plumbing issue. She gave us a time of between 3:00-4:00pm on Easter Sunday 4/5/15.

Your crew arrived in a very timely manner. Andres’ was the first to show up to help us out. He was followed shortly thereafter by his Supervisor Johnny. I have to tell you that these two gentlemen worked tirelessly throughout the afternoon and evening trying to diagnose what the real problem was.

Johnny and Andres’ found one of the several clean outs at the house. Andres’ opened the clean out and Johnny assisted him with punching through the enormous amount of debris that was clogging our pipes. At that time, I was standing in the next room with one of our housekeepers. We heard a loud noise and looked over at Johnny standing in the next room where the clean out was. A deluge of sewage sprayed Johnny! lt came out at him like a rocket! Johnny was covered in sewage from the waist down! He not only closed the door to the room so that no sewage came out spraying at us, he blocked the sewage from filling up into the next room. I have never experience such a level of customer service like that before. After that happened Johnny brushed it off as if it was not a big deal. He even smiled about it and went on with assisting us in finding our plumbing issue. WOW! That act alone by far speaks volumes as to the character and integrity of your supervisor Johnny. They were so unobtrusive in their work that afternoon. None of our guests knew what was happening. Our event went very well.

Johnny and Andres’ went about their work in helping us diagnose the issue with the camera that Johnny had brought. What an excellent picture the camera gave us. We saw clearly what was wrong. The pipes were old, corroded and broken off in some areas. Johnny & Andres’found an additional clean out that no other plumbing company before them could find on the exterior of the house. Needless to say we needed a major overhaul of new replacement pipes. We hired Express Plumbing & Rooter to do this major overhaul for us based upon the excellent level of customer service we received from Johnny and Andres’ Easter evening.

Johnny came back a day or two later to begin the work with Andres and his crew. This was no smalljob. Your employees were so considerate. The crew worked so hard digging 4-12ft. trenches in order to lay down the new pipes. I even met your Field Operation Manager Sam. Sam came to inspect the work that Andres’ and his crew were performing. Sam took photos, looked over the entire work area. Sam was such a nice person to talk to. He explained everything that was going on in a way that we could understand. Amazing! I couldn’t believe the quality of work we were seeing from the team. To send someone out to inspect your own crew, that’s saying a lot about Express Plumbing & Rooter. Johnny, Andres’ and his crew worked painstakingly to clean up the areas where they had been working.

I wanted to personally thank you Raymond for having such a great group of gentleman working, representing your company. They are an asset to your company. Thank you so much for all the hard work and high level of customer service we received from Johnny, Andres’, Sam, and the entire crew. We will highly recommend Express Plumbing & Rooter to all our friends, families and even people we don’t know.

Please acknowledge Johnny, Andres’, Sam and their entire crew! They should be an example for all present and future employees of Express Plumbing & Rooter! Thank you so ALL much!

Once Again, thanks for all your hard work.

Ms. Thanh M. Huynh