Do you have a leaky or damaged sewer line that needs replacing? Are you worried about a team of plumbers digging a huge trench in your yard to get the job done? You may want to consider trenchless pipe replacement as an alternative. Express Plumbing and Rooter is one of few plumbers in Los Angeles equipped and trained to perform trenchless pipe replacements, which dramatically lessen the amount of damage your property incurs while work is being done.

Here’s how it works:

Pipe Pull Method

Express Plumbing and Rooter uses the time-tested pipe pull method for trenchless pipe replacement. Basically, a cone-shaped, path-clearing installation head runs through the old pipe. As this head goes through the existing plumbing, it pulls in a full-sized replacement pipe. The replacement pipe is code-approved, leak-proof, root-proof, and chemical/acid-resistant with a 100-year design.

It’s a pretty cool technique. And using this technique, we can offer full replacement of a sewer line in almost any area of your property without the need to dig up the old one and make an enormous mess. Trenchless pipe replacement is fast and relatively painless; if you have questions about how the process works, feel free to contact us and we’ll help walk you through it.

About Us

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