When you become a homeowner, plumbing problems take on a completely different meaning than when you are renting. Rather than picking up the phone and calling your landlord, you either have to fix them yourself or call a reliable plumber like Express Plumbing and Rooter. With more than 20 years of experience fixing the most common plumbing issues you’ll encounter, we can repair any problem and be out of your way quickly and easily. Here are a few of the common household plumbing problems that are easily fixable but may need a professional at times.

Clogged Drains

Clogs happen when the water is unable to properly drain out of a pipe. Whether, a bathtub or kitchen sink, it usually results in slow drains, backups, and sometimes overflows. Worse case scenarios, a clogged drain can burst and cause a lot of damage in a very short time. Many times, dumping clog remover products down the drain or using a plunger can help get rid of a clogged drain but if those don’t solve it or a pipe bursts within your walls, you should contact a professional immediately.

Leaky Pipes

Pipes will degrade over time, and this often results in leaks. Leaks can also occur because of faulty installation or simple corrosion. The first sign of a leak likely won’t be water damage, but an increased water bill. Keep an eye on your usage each month; if it hasn’t increased but your payment has, contact a plumber to inspect your pipes and repair any damage found.

Dripping Faucet

A leaky faucet is an exceedingly common problem with a very simple fix. In most cases, it only requires a new washer or cartridge. If you don’t have the special tools required to fix your leaky faucet, contact a professional plumber to avoid further damages.

No Hot Water

This is perhaps the most inconvenient problem homeowners’ encounter. When the hot water tank stops providing hot water, it means cold showers until the problem is repaired. This is usually caused by a blown pilot light or a breaker trip, but if the problem is more serious, contact a reliable plumbing company to inspect your hot water heater.

Running Toilet

Toilets have wax rings around the bottom that prevent water from reaching the floor. In some cases, the rings may have loosened or the bolts may need tightening. If the water is coming from another place on the toilet, then you may need professional care to repair the problem.

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