As long as one can remember, storage tank water heaters were the standard in home plumbing, but times have changed. You now have several options in water heaters, from which you can save energy and money, especially in operating costs.

Here is a look at how tankless water heaters work.

Hot Water on Demand

The biggest (and most obvious) difference with tankless water heaters is the lack of the large storage tank for the home. Tankless models operate out of a small console about the size of a computer monitor. Since there is no massive tank holding heated water- it operates using an on-demand system.

Express Plumbing and Rooter recommend tankless options because they do not waste energy like traditional tank models. Even when no one is using hot water in your home, tanks fill with hot water throughout the day. Tankless models can be over 30% more efficient and can save homeowners hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

If you are remodeling your home, you will have more space to work with if you do not invest in a storage tank and switch to a tankless model which uses minimal space.

GHG Emissions and Cost of Ownership

Considering the efficiency of tankless water heaters, you may be wondering why they have not been the standard in homes. The answer is upfront costs. When they first appeared, tankless options were far more expensive than tank heaters. Today, the difference in price is much smaller. Even if you need more than one tankless water heater to supply the demand for a larger family, the energy savings will usually pay for the higher purchase cost in a few years.

Of course, choosing a heater that is so much more efficient than the storage tank system also means you are choosing a greener model. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are much lower when you ditch the storage tank, which allows you to keep the carbon footprint in check.

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