Even though your plumbing is one of the most important systems in your home, most homeowners don’t really pay much thought to it. However, taking some time and performing some basic maintenance can extend the life of the different plumbing components in the home and it can help to prevent the need for repair and replacement. In the long run, these basic steps can save the average homeowner a significant amount of money over the years. Here are a few tips from the Los Angeles plumbers at Express Plumbing & Rooter to help you maintain the plumbing in your kitchen.

The garbage disposal

Having a garbage disposal is a great convenience that really takes a lot of the work out of cleaning up after a meal. The problem is that many people overburden the garbage disposal and this can cause a variety of different problems.

A lot of the issues that are related to the garbage disposal can be connected to misuse. Some people do not understand that there are limits to what their garbage disposal can handle and this leads them to putting hard to grind items in the disposal. You should avoid using it to dispose of things like chicken skins, bones, banana peels, celery or anything that is tough and fibrous. This puts an undue level of stress on the motor and it can cause it to break down prematurely.

Another common mistake that many homeowners make is to not flush the drain before and after they use the garbage disposal. You should allow cold water to run through the drain for about 10-seconds before and after using the garbage disposal. This will flush the waste from the disposal area and help to ensure that it does not become clogged.


Maintaining the drains in your kitchen sink is probably the most important part of caring for your kitchen plumbing. A poorly maintained drain can cause serious problems and it can even lead to damaging other parts of the home.

The first thing you need to know is that even if you have a garbage disposal, there are certain things that you don’t want to send down the drain. Sending things like grease, fat and coffee grinds down the drain will eventually lead to a blockage. Clean stuff that can cause a blockage from dishes before you put them in the sink and toss it in the trash. It takes a little more effort, but it will make a big difference in keeping your drain clear.

Kitchen maintenance is an important part of keeping your plumbing in good shape. Nevertheless, even homes with the best maintenance practices will have the need to call in a professional from time to time. From drain clogs to leaky pipes and broken garbage disposals, some jobs are just better left to the experts. If you need repairs or maintenance on your home plumbing system, the Los Angeles plumbers at Express Plumbing & Rooter are on call and ready to help 24-hours a day. For assistance please call 800-628-5553 or visit www.ExpressPlumbingandRooter.com for more information and specials.