One of the most frustrating things about plumbing emergencies is that they have a natural radar for terrible timing. You’ll never face a backed-up sink or leaky bathtub at an opportune time, plumbing emergencies happen when you least expect and want them.

Express Plumbing and Rooter is a leading plumber in Los Angeles that provides 24-hour service for any plumbing situation. We know that your plumbing problems are critical and we know you need them sorted out now instead of later. That’s why we keep a team of technicians ready and able to respond to your calls no matter the time or day. If plumbing emergencies don’t abide by business hours, neither will we. No matter when your plumbing problems arise, we’ll always be available to help you.

Our employees are all experienced, expertise-verified technicians that have been fully background checked and vetted by our hiring team. When you invite an Express Plumbing and Rooter employee into your home, you can rest assured that he or she will be professional, courteous, on-time, and ready to get the job done. We’re so confident in our plumbing crew that we back all of our repairs with a 100% lifetime guarantee.

At Express Plumbing and Rooter, we know that calling a plumber isn’t something you look forward to doing. That’s why we work hard to exceed the expectations of our customers and to make the repair process as quick and painless as possible. Flat-rate billing ensures our employees work efficiently (and saves you any nasty surprises on the invoice).

Express Plumbing and Rooter is proud to be one of the leading plumbers in Los Angeles and will continue and maintain our 100% customer satisfaction. For more information about our services and fees please visit or contact us at 800-628-5553.