As an emergency plumber in Los Angeles, we have seen some terrible situations occur when the wrong things get flushed down the toilet. These problems can be avoided with smart bathroom practices. Here are six things no one should ever flush down the toilet.


Dental Floss

It might seem thin and harmless, but dental floss can create big plumbing problems. Since it does not biodegrade, floss is like long hair that sticks inside pipes and catches other materials to create clogs. Floss should go in the wastebasket.

Baby Wipes

Manufacturers usually claim baby wipes are safe to flush. Unfortunately, they do not biodegrade quickly, so they will clog septic systems over time. As with other personal care items, these wipes should never be flushed.

Cotton Balls

Cotton balls are useful in the bathroom for taking off makeup and keeping cuts clean, but they should never be flushed down the toilet. Cotton is very durable, and as it shreds into fine layers within plumbing, will clog drainage.

Prescription Pills

When we receive calls looking for an emergency plumber in Los Angeles, it often relates to things people flushed down the toilet. In the case of prescription medicine, the main threat is for public safety. Pills can create an unsafe water supply and harm sea life. Look for medication take backs around L.A. when you need to dispose of prescription pills.

Band Aids

The plastic content in bandages will never biodegrade, so flushing any type of “Band Aid” is asking for trouble. Bandages will catch food and hair particles, creating huge clogs in your drains.

Cat Waste

Cats are the most popular pet in the United States, so there is a great deal of cat waste to consider. No matter what, cat litter and waste should never go down the toilet. The sand and clay in litter will clog pipes, and the toxins in cat waste are harmful to humans.

Avoid flushing these items to keep your plumbing in good shape and prevent unnecessary problems. For more information about our services and specials please visit or you can always contact us at 800-628-5553. We are the emergency plumber in Los Angeles to call first.