Running out of hot water is never a pleasant experience. Whether you’re rushing to work on Monday morning or coming home after a long day of outdoor activities, a hot shower is an essential part of most people’s routines. Here are four common ways plumbers in Los Angeles find local residents losing hot water.

1. Tripped Circuits

Without power to your home’s water heaters, you cannot get hot water running through the pipes. Even though it sounds simple, it is a regular occurrence that is behind the problem. Make a quick check to see if the heater is plugged in and turned on for operation. Next, check the circuit breaker to make sure it is on and confirm you do not have any blown fuses.

2. Pilot Light Is Out

Another common reason for not having hot water is an extinguished pilot light in the gas heaters. Natural gas heaters have blue flames that are visible. Propane heaters feature more of a bluish green light. New heaters run on automatic lighting, so this problem is generally restricted to older models. Avoid lighting gas heaters; especially when you don’t have experience due to the dangers of gas.

3. Thermostat Trouble

Express Plumbers in Los Angeles sometimes find the problem to be with the thermostat. Whether the thermostat is broken or set too low, you’ll need to fix it in order to get hot water back. For best results, consult a professional before taking action.

4. Overuse of Hot Water

Another common occurrence is when families overuse the hot water; therefore, have to wait for more to heat. Storage tank heaters present this problem when several people take showers back-to-back. Switching to tankless heaters means having a steady supply of hot water on demand.

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