Los Angeles plumbers receive calls to clear clogged drains probably more than any other home plumbing service. Between the regular buildup that causes minor clogs to severe stoppages caused by poor choices, this problem can become a nuisance. Unfortunately, store-bought drain cleaners often do more damage than good for plumbing. Here are four tips for fixing a clog the safe way.

Flush with Hot Water

Sometimes, the cause of a clog is nothing some hot water can’t fix. Before you spend any time worrying about a stopped drain, boil a pot of water and pour it down the drain. If it doesn’t make a difference, move on to the next quick fix.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Many homeowners would be horrified to know how drain cleaners sold in stores can harm your pipes. Professional plumbers in Los Angeles like Express Plumbing and Rooter will tell you chemical products can corrode plumbing, which will lead to burst pipes over time. Instead of risking such damage, try harmless baking soda and vinegar to clear the blockage. It’s far safer and sometimes just as effective.

Sink Plungers

Contrary to the way many people use them at home, the plungers with flat ends (like the end of a trumpet) are drain plungers, not toilet plungers. If you have standing water in a sink or shower drain and the other fixes don’t work, try using a sink plunger to fix the problem. If it works, you also will see the source of the clog.

Plumbing Snakes

When you cannot clear a drain with any of the DIY fixes, you will need to call in a professional with the tools of trade. Express Plumbing & Rooter will come to your home and remove the clog quickly, without any risk to the pipes.


Before you spend more time or money than necessary to clear home drains, call in pro Los Angeles plumbers to handle the job fast. Express Plumbing & Rooter offers complete drain service at affordable prices 24 hours a day. For more information or for a quote please contact us at 800-628-5553 or visit www.ExpressPlumbingandRooter.com.