Are you struggling with expensive water bills? As reputable Los Angeles plumbers, we at Express Plumbing and Rooter know a thing or two about water efficiency. In a previous article, we shared some pointers on how to reduce water usage. Today, we give you 5 more effective ways to save money on your water bill.

Invest in pipe insulation

When you take a shower, do you run the water while you wait for it to warm up? This is a major waste of water that can add up to expensive amounts over time. Instead, you should invest in pipe insulation so that your shower water comes out hot in an instant. While it involves some initial outlay, this investment will pay you back many times over in saved water and lower utility bills.

Take shorter showers

Showers are a relaxing part of the day. It’s certainly tempting to stay under the hot water beyond the necessary time – especially in the Winter! The downside of this habit is the cost involved. You may be wasting 1,000s of gallons per year, so it would be wise to cut down on your shower time!

Install a low-flow shower head

As well as time spent in the shower, you should also look at cutting down on the quantity of water you use. Something as simple as a low-flow shower head can reduce water volume by up to 50%.

Run full loads for laundry and dishes

Before running your washing machine or dishwasher, always make sure that you have a full load. This will make your chores more cost-efficient, saving you a significant amount of water and energy.

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