As reputable Los Angeles plumbers, we at Express Plumbing and Rooter are more than aware of the need to save water in our drought-prone city. In this article, we share some tips on how to improve water conservation in your home. Follow our advice to make Los Angeles a better place.

Install a water meter

If you don’t currently have a water meter at home then you should. Installing one will help remind you of the need to conserve water as best you can. Raising your awareness of how much you are using is the first step towards better water conservation. It will also help you save money on your next water bill!

Don’t pre-rinse dishes

Most dishwashers no longer require you to pre-rinse your dishes. Of course, you should remove any big chunks of leftover food from plates, but there is no need to rinse the residue! Assuming you bought it within the last 10 years, your dishwasher should take care of the rest.

Check for water leaks

You should regularly check faucets and home appliances for any leaks. If a leak is found then fixing it quickly is vital to conserving water. Call Los Angeles’ trusted plumber Express Plumbing and Rooter for rapid and effective plumbing repair.

Stop the tap while you brush

You may have heard this tip before, but it’s very relevant. Stopping the tap while you brush your teeth does a lot towards conserving water. Amazingly, doing this alone can help save up to 6 liters of water per minute!

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