There are many plumbers in Los Angeles who can help you to install a water heater in your home. In fact, we at Express Plumbing & Rooter carry out these kinds of jobs on a regular basis. One question that often asked is whether you should use a tankless water heater or a more traditional model. In this article, we discuss some of the benefits of installing a tankless water heater.

More compact

First of all, tankless water heaters take up significantly less physical space than more traditional heater types. They can also be placed in various locations in your home, allowing for greater flexibility.

More economical

Tankless water heaters tend to use less energy. More traditional appliances have to constantly heat up water throughout the day. Tankless models work on demand which leads to large economies in energy usage and a lower utility bill for the month.

More convenient

Traditional water heaters have a limit on how much water can be heated at any given time. After a bath or several consecutive showers, it’s a common experience to run out of hot water for a significant period of time. However, tankless water heaters present no such problems as they are able to function by rapidly increasing the temperature of the water on demand. Other than the flow itself, there are no practical limits on how much hot water you can generate.

More durable

Tankless water heaters tend to last longer than traditional models. Their average lifespan is approximately 20 years which means that your initial financial outlay should pay off over time.

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