Is your drain running slow or not even running at all? All sorts of things can cause a drain to become clogged, including hair, toothpaste, food, toilet paper, grease, and even children’s toys. Life happens! At Express Plumbing, no one knows that better than we do. Plungers and store-bought cleaners will only take you so far, and most of the time cause more damage than they help.

Our team of highly experienced plumbing technicians will be there to help you with any drain in your house. When a drain is down in your house, we know how inconvenient that can be on your daily routine. It can slow everything down, make you late for work or school, and even keep you from getting daily tasks done. We pride ourselves on making sure our plumbers get to your home on time and as soon as possible. We even offer 24-hour service for those emergency cases.

There is almost no drain we can’t conquer, and we have all the right tools to finish the job and complete the challenge.

Express Plumbing does:

  • Kitchen drains
  • Shower/tub drains
  • Bathroom sink drains
  • Toilet drains
  • Floor drains
  • Main Sewer Lines

FLAT RATE PRICING: Don’t pay by the hour ever again! At Express Plumbing, we charge by the job so you never have to worry about paying for a job done slowly or insufficiently. Some plumbing companies have been known to take advantage of homeowners, raking up huge bills for hours of service that could have been completed in a fraction of the time. By removing the clock from the equation, Express Plumbing & Rooter is able to focus at the job at hand, while not feeling the pressure to rush and make mistakes. You can trust that we will get the job done right and with no hidden costs!