Proper safety procedures must be followed before any maintenance work is performed on a home. However, despite the best efforts of the homeowners and plumbing repair technicians, things can be overlooked that create dangerous situations for those involved. When working around water, these dangers (and particularly the risk of electric shock) are amplified. Here are a few tips to avoiding unpleasant zaps — or worse – during any drain cleaning job.

Use an electrical testing tool.

Faulty wiring can mean a wire is live even after the breaker has been thrown. To ensure the area you are working in is clear of electrical risk, use a testing tool on any nearby electrical sockets. If any of the sockets still carry a current, it can mean the wires around you are also live. If this is the case, turning off power to the entire home is the best alternative; it may potentially save your life.

Always work with another person.

When an electric current is applied to the human body, it often results in the seizing of muscles. In other words, if you grab a live wire, you may not be able to let go of your own volition. The only way to avoid serious injury in this case is to be knocked away from the cable by a third party. A two-man crew means one plumber can be on the lookout for potential problems and react quickly should any arise. The second person should have a non-conductive tool to push the first person away from the shock.

Be ware of the location of power tools and water.

Drain cleaning often results in puddles of water on the ground underneath the drain. If you are working in an awkward position, such as under the client’s home, keep your power tools away from these puddles and make sure the power cords do not get wet. If you are using an extension cord, this is even more important. In addition, before plugging or unplugging a tool, check your gloves and hands. If they are wet, dry them of before handling any electrical equipment.

Electric shock poses a huge risk for plumbing and drain cleaning businesses. Not only can it cause severe burns, but it can be lethal in the worst scenarios. By exercising proper safety practices, you can protect both yourself and other plumbers you work with, in addition to preventing costly damage to the equipment you use and the client’s home.

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