When working with a company that you’ve never encountered before, there are many opportunities for the whole thing to go wrong. This is especially true of working with plumbers, as companies will send a technician to your home and the outcome of the project depends directly on that technician’s competency.

It’s vitally important that you feel confident not only in your choice of plumbing company, but also in your service technician’s ability to get the job done. You must be comfortable inviting a stranger into your home based on that stranger’s qualifications and the plumbing company’s assurance he’ll deliver satisfying service. With so much riding on the abilities of the individual, it’s important to trust that the plumbing company will only send over a qualified, respectful, and trustworthy tech.

At Express Plumbing and Rooter, we know how difficult it can be to trust a contractor, especially when you have no other choice (most plumbing emergencies cannot simply be ignored). That’s why we thoroughly vet all of our technicians with background checks, technical aptitude tests, DMV checks, drug tests, and reference verification. We only hire technicians we’d trust to work in our own homes. Our crew is made up of some of the best and most reliable Los Angeles plumbers, and we’re proud of the work they do. So much so that we back all of their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Express Plumbing and Rooter knows that in a perfect world, you’d never need emergency services. But since problems can and do arise, we’re here to provide you with the highest quality service available and an experience like no other. For further information about our company and services please visit www.ExpressPlumbingandRooter.com or contact us at 800-628-5553 with any questions.