California is not generally known as a place that gets a lot of rain, but this year’s El Niño could be about to change all that. Current predictions suggest that the climatic event could be the strongest ever in 2015. Is your home prepared? In this article, we discuss what steps you should be taking in the buildup to El Niño.

Fix any leaks

It’s imperative that you fix any current leaks in your roof or elsewhere. This needs to be done before the heavy rain starts, as you may find yourself in panic and in need of emergency service.

Clean out your drains

Drain blockages can lead to severe flooding in your home. Do take the time to check your drains and not only clean them out properly but fix any damage no matter the size for full assurance of a safe winter.

Test out your sump pump

A sump pump is a great way of protecting your home from potential flooding. If you don’t have one, take rapid action to installing a sump pump before El Niño hits. However, if you already have a sump pump then you can get it tested out by qualified Los Angeles plumbers such as Express Plumbing & Rooter.

Be safe

This year’s El Niño is looking to be a huge climatic event, take the steps to ensure your family’s safety. Multiple flashlights and a first aid kit should be readily available. Make sure that you have food and water stocked as supply lines could become temporarily affected.

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