Knowing how to effectively fix a blocked toilet is an important life skill. In this article, we share some tips on how to deal with a clogged toilet.

Be Prepared with the Right Equipment
To effectively unclog a toilet, you are probably aware that you will need a plunger. But not just any plunger will do! You should buy a flange plumber which is specifically made for unblocking toilets.

Don’t Keep Flushing Over and Over
If your toilet is blocked then flushing repeatedly is not going to fix the issue or remotely help. In many cases, you will just make the problem worse as more water will gather and cause the toilet to overflow.

Add Hot Water
Pouring a little bit of hot water (a few cups is more than sufficient) into the bowl can help make your task easier. The heat from the water will sometimes resolve the clogging problem all on its own without the need of using a plunger.

Correct Plunging Technique
Employing the correct technique is vital for unclogging your toilet. Place the plunger into the toilet bowl and push downwards slowly but with a firm and steady hand. Repeat this several times over. In most cases, this will be enough to resolve the problem. If the toilet is still clogged up, call your plumber in Los Angeles for resolution.

Thorough Clean-Up
Last but not least, make sure to do a thorough cleanup after the mission is complete. Both the plunger and toilet bowl will need a thorough cleaning to get rid of harmful bacteria, so don’t forget this important final step!

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