Backed-up drains often hint of larger problems within your plumbing system. Without proper maintenance and troubleshooting, you could find yourself with a serious issue and high repair costs down the line.

Here are four signs we look for when diagnosing drain trouble.

1. Slow drains

The most obvious sign of drain trouble is slow-moving drains in multiple locations in a home or business. If the bathroom upstairs and sinks downstairs are all running slowly, you should call in a professional for a routine cleaning. This simple bit of maintenance will save you on much more expensive repairs later.

2. Backed-up toilets

Another telltale sign of drain trouble is a toilet that backs up without an apparent reason. When you see slow movement in the water and find yourself flushing multiple times during regular use, you probably have a backed-up system somewhere within your pipes. A plumber can clear the blockage and get your toilets back to normal.

3. Strange odors

Foul odors around drains are a common problem we find when diagnosing plumbing in Los Angeles. These odors could be a sign of backed-up waste or another matter within your plumbing. It may also represent a problem with the traps connecting your pipes. In either case, address the problem immediately.

4. Drains clog after cleaning

One of the most frustrating things for homeowners is snaking a clogged drain and then finding the clog appears shortly thereafter. Just because you cleared one drain in one part of your house doesn’t mean you have addressed the larger problem with the home. Before you waste any more time or energy, bring in a professional to diagnose and fix the issue.

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