With the holiday season rapidly approaching, chances are that you will be busier than ever with organizing holiday parties and entertaining far traveled guests. In the crazy rush surrounding these events, you may not pay much attention to your plumbing situation. And why would you? As long as everything is working, this isn’t something we tend to think about.

However, you should be conscious about how you dispose of leftover food. Being careless can lead to expensive problems. In this article, we share 4 types of left over foods that you should avoid putting down your drain.

Fats and oils

Never pour fats, oils, butter or grease into your drains. Period. Although seemingly liquid by nature, they can later harden and clog up your drains in a major way! Best to avoid at all cost.


Bones are another big no-no. Whether small or large, they can block up your drains or damage your garbage disposal.

Rice or pasta

Rice or pasta can both cause drain blockages. Rice in particular tends to expand when it’s put down the drain. This swelling can lead to big problems within your pipes.

Egg shells

This is perhaps a surprising one, but you should also avoid putting egg shells into the garbage disposal. The membrane of the egg can wrap around the blades of the garbage disposal and may even stick to pipes.

When in doubt, throw it out! If you are unsure whether something is OK to pour down the drain or not, then it’s probably best to simply throw it into the trashcan instead. This will further prevent drainage problems down the road.

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