As California continues to deal with a drought and the potential for much higher water costs in the future, it’s time to consider how you can save money with upgrades to your home now. Here are three tricks Los Angeles plumbers can help you with that will keep your water usage down and your utility bills low in the coming years.

Dual-Flush Toilets

Even when you are limiting the amount of water used in a flush from a standard toilet, these outdated appliances consume the same amount of water per flush. A dual-flush toilet allows users to select which level of water is used depending on the need. With more than two gallons of water saved per flush in some cases, you can imagine how upgrades in your home and business will save cash and precious resources.

Correcting Known and Hidden Leaks

While many homeowners have leaks they know about in sinks and showers, Los Angeles plumbers have sophisticated equipment that can detect unseen leaks around the house. Finding and fixing these leaks immediately reduces water consumption and lowers your utility bill. Another benefit is the way it protects your foundation from water damage. The repair costs to fix a foundation will stun any residential or business budget.

Ditching Storage Tank Water Heaters

Storage tank heaters are a constant drain on energy. Compared to tankless heaters that operate on-demand, a storage tank will continue burning gas or electricity to heat water your family never uses. In addition to the energy wasted, these tanks take up a great deal of room in homes and businesses. Find out how tankless models can save you over $100 per year for the life of the machines, which often last over 20 years.

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