1. 3 Plumbing Tricks for Saving Water and Money

    As California continues to deal with a drought and the potential for much higher water costs in the future, it’s time to consider how you can save money with upgrades to your home now. Here are three tricks Los Angeles plumbers can help you with that will keep your water usage down and your utility bills low in the coming years. Dual-Flush Toilets Even when you are limiting the amount of water u…Read More

  2. Water Conservation is Critical!

    We’re currently in the midst of a major water crisis here in California. A four-year drought has led to a massive water shortage, which in turn has led to a dramatic rise in both state and local conservation regulations. Los Angeles residents are being asked to let their lawns die, to pay more attention to how much water they consume, and to limit the use of water at their places of residence an…Read More

  3. 4 Tips for Fixing a Clogged Drain at Home

    Los Angeles plumbers receive calls to clear clogged drains probably more than any other home plumbing service. Between the regular buildup that causes minor clogs to severe stoppages caused by poor choices, this problem can become a nuisance. Unfortunately, store-bought drain cleaners often do more damage than good for plumbing. Here are four tips for fixing a clog the safe way. Flush with Hot Wat…Read More

  4. 4 Ways You Can Lose Hot Water at Home

    Running out of hot water is never a pleasant experience. Whether you’re rushing to work on Monday morning or coming home after a long day of outdoor activities, a hot shower is an essential part of most people’s routines. Here are four common ways plumbers in Los Angeles find local residents losing hot water. 1. Tripped Circuits Without power to your home’s water heaters, you cannot get hot …Read More

  5. The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

    As long as one can remember, storage tank water heaters were the standard in home plumbing, but times have changed. You now have several options in water heaters, from which you can save energy and money, especially in operating costs. Here is a look at how tankless water heaters work. Hot Water on Demand The biggest (and most obvious) difference with tankless water heaters is the lack of the larg…Read More

  6. Improve Water Pressure with Copper Repiping

    Are you constantly dealing with low water pressure? Does your water temperature change dramatically when someone uses a sink or toilet? Is your house built with polybutylene plumbing? If you answered “yes,” it might be time to consider copper repiping. Old pipes can degrade over time, leaving them ineffective and causing problems with the way water flows through the home. The copper repiping p…Read More

  7. Service Technicians Matter

    When working with a company that you’ve never encountered before, there are many opportunities for the whole thing to go wrong. This is especially true of working with plumbers, as companies will send a technician to your home and the outcome of the project depends directly on that technician’s competency. It’s vitally important that you feel confident not only in your choice of plumbing com…Read More

  8. 6 Things You Should Never Flush Down Your Toilet

    As an emergency plumber in Los Angeles, we have seen some terrible situations occur when the wrong things get flushed down the toilet. These problems can be avoided with smart bathroom practices. Here are six things no one should ever flush down the toilet.   Dental Floss It might seem thin and harmless, but dental floss can create big plumbing problems. Since it does not biodegrade, floss is…Read More

  9. 5 Ways Plumbers Can Save You Money

    We understand there are some unprofessional plumbers out there, but a good plumber can save you money and keep your home operational at the same time. Here are five ways you can benefit from the help of a pro plumber in Los Angeles.   1. Finding water leaks Sometimes, the only way you know you have a water leak is by noticing your water bill rising. That means you have a hidden leak somewhere…Read More

  10. 4 Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

    Backed-up drains often hint of larger problems within your plumbing system. Without proper maintenance and troubleshooting, you could find yourself with a serious issue and high repair costs down the line. Here are four signs we look for when diagnosing drain trouble. 1. Slow drains The most obvious sign of drain trouble is slow-moving drains in multiple locations in a home or business. If the bat…Read More