Most modern homes in California have a garbage disposal in the kitchen, and it was most likely installed when the house was built. Over the years, you’ve used yours appropriately, and have never had an issue with it. Unfortunately, there are countless instances each year where something becomes lodged in the disposal, or it simply quits working. As with any piece of machinery, your garbage disposal has parts that can wear out, and that need to be maintained by a trained residential plumbing specialist. At Express Plumbing & Rooter in Los Angeles, we can diagnose and repair any disposal problem that is giving you trouble.

If a piece of silverware or a large chunk of food becomes lodged in the disposal, it might seem that it will be easy enough to remove, but you should never place your hand or another utensil in the disposal, even with the power supply to the appliance turned off. The spoon or piece of food could be farther down than you think, and only disassembly by a trained plumber can provide access so that it can be safely retrieved. If there is no obstruction, but your disposal is making a strange sound or won’t turn on at all, our experienced technicians can investigate the issue and provide the necessary replacement parts.

If your garbage disposal isn’t working, or you’re remodeling your kitchen and want to add a new disposal, contact Express Plumbing & Rooter right away. We’re your residential plumbing experts in Los Angeles, and can take care of any problem in no time at all.