Your office or warehouse bathroom sees a lot of use over the course of a workday, and it’s important that the pipes and plumbing are kept in good working order. A bathroom with a clogged toilet or sink can quickly put a damper on any one’s day, and that’s why Express Plumbing & Rooter in Los Angeles offers prompt and professional commercial plumbing services. We can work on small office bathrooms, as well as large bathrooms with multiple stalls and sinks.

When the company bathroom is out of order, it’s essential to get a plumbing professional in there as soon as possible. We offer a quick response time, along with 24-hour service, so you never have to wait long for a plumber to arrive. If you’re supervising the night shift and an employee tells you there’s a major leak in one of the bathrooms, call us and we’ll be there as soon as we can. We’ve built a reliable network of dispatchers and service technicians, and your emergency will be relayed right away so we can quickly send a plumbing expert to your location.

Commercial plumbing problems often exist on a larger scale, but there’s no pipe, drain, or sewer issue that we can’t handle. We will come equipped with the proper tools to deal with any complication, and ready to tackle any obstacle that presents itself. We won’t leave your building until the problem is resolved, and if another pops up after we’re done, we’ll come back right away to fix it. Call us today for superior service!